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As most know Ashmore Estates was sold May of 2014. You will not believe the improvements to the property that were done. It could not have been done without the help of so many people in the paranormal community and for that we thank those that helped.

Bill Chappell owner of Digital Dowsing has said “Robbin has made the site a mecca for investigators”. Come see what Bill has seen in Ashmore Estates.


RELEASED 10/23/2020

Nick Groff

Nick spends some time investigating Ashmore Estates during one of his visits.


RELEASED 07/11/2021


RELEASED 10/20/2020


RELEASED 09/22/2022


From the Klinge Brothers that brought us Ghost Lab you will enjoy watching as Brad Klinge takes you into Ashmore Estates during season 1 episode 5.   “Some Call it Home” will show you a different side of Brad Klinge that you probably have never seen.  You will also see what they experienced while in one particular area of the building.  Brad stated it was the best he had ever experienced. The show is currently on iTunes and Amazon Prime as well.  Click on the photo to the left for a direct link to Amazon Prime.  Free to Prime members.

What others have said about Ashmore Estates

A video message from Brad Klinge – Star of Ghost Lab

Appearances in the Media

Destination Fear

Check out the episode where Dakota and his team of explorers brave Ashmore Estates.

Trail to Terror

In his first-ever documentary, Dakota Laden takes his sister Chelsea Laden and best friends Tanner Wiseman and Coalin Smith on a five-night journey to test their mental stamina. What starts out as an experiment in fear turns into a real-life horror movie.

Episode 904 seen February 6, 2013.

Episode 54 seen September 23, 2011

Children of the Grave II

We Love You.

Ashmore Estates and all the friends of AE lost one of our own on Friday, August 28, 2020.  Hannah Watson-Reano was involved in an automobile vs. tractor accident approximately 8:45am.  She was pronounced dead at the scene.  Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.  We love you Hannah and you will be missed by all.



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